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Training Design Case Study

One client was consolidating administrative tasks (billing, credit, collections, accounts receivable) from small offices throughout the country to one shared services center. Because few existing employees were able to transfer, the bulk of the 500 employees of the new center had to be hired and trained. It was important that customers perceive no decrease in service quality. Additionally, construction, hiring, and training development took place concurrently within one seven-month period before the “go live” date.

Tencza Designs led a team of people including managers, trainers, job coaches, and developers to develop complete job training for the new billing department consisting of six experienced people and 100 new hires. Over a dozen people were involved in the effort, but the Tencza Designs consultant was the only team member with any previous experience in systematic design of instruction.

The team came up with an approach for total job training that included computer-based training, on-the-job training, self-study, and classroom training for four different job areas. The training was ready on time, ran successfully through several groups of new hires, and Tencza Designs earned a bonus for on-time performance.