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Process Design Case Study

Here’s an example of a project in which process design and change management were both needed. In the State of Florida, in the mid-1990’s, a new department was carved from the existing Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS).

This new department, the Department of Juvenile Justice, was a large one, with thousands of employees working in detention centers, halfway houses, evaluation centers, and other sites serving the diverse needs of youth in the juvenile justice system.

Tencza Designs was brought in to map out each of 19 new job classifications. Through extensive observations, interviews, documentation review (including state statutes), and the use of focus groups, Tencza Designs completed job and task analyses and mapped out processes, standards, duty areas, tasks, and skills for all the jobs.

Following that phase, Tencza Designs built the necessary skills using classroom training, videotapes, systems training, field training, and certification exams.

Throughout the process, Tencza Designs worked with representatives of the entire organization—from front line employees to supervisors and managers to state-level policy makers—to identify and communicate a new vision and anchor the changes in a new culture.