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Project Management Case Study

In the field of nuclear energy, strict standards are imposed on training by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Tencza Designsí client wanted to implement a approach to training design and implementation that would meet the following goals:

  The approach had to be rigorous and systematic, with documentation of all steps in analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.
Nuclear trainers without previous background in training should be able to implement the system.

Tencza Designs was contracted to provide project management for the instructor skills course. Tencza Designs provided five instructional designers and the following methods and tools to manage the project:

  Activity timetable, outlining approximately 100 activities that had to be completed for development.
  Resource allocation chart, specifying the responsibilities and person hours for ten team members
Budget figures, including fees and expenses, for the entire project
High-level design to promote coordination among various designers on the team
Templates (blank ones and filled-in samples) for instructional analysis, instructional objectives, design strategies, instructor guides, participant guides, graphics, and videotape scripts
Scheduled meetings for updates and reviews

The resulting course receive high ratings from both managers and participants, and it was completed on time and under budget.