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Analysis Case Study

Our client was exploring ways to use the Internet to help adults who lacked employability because they had neither formal education nor marketable job skills. Tencza Designs completed the research and analysis needed to answer these questions.

  What careers/jobs would be appropriate for this target population?
  What core academic skills are needed across all identified jobs? For specific jobs?
What core job skills are needed across all identified jobs? For specific jobs?
What diagnostic tools are appropriate to assess the populationís academic skills, career aptitude, and career interests?
Templates (blank ones and filled-in samples) for instructional analysis, instructional objectives, design strategies, instructor guides, participant guides, graphics, and videotape scripts
What existing curricula address these needs and how effective are they?

Tencza Designs used the Internet, personal and professional contacts, and solid research skills to identify national trends in employment statistics. We identified job tracks appropriate for the population.

Based on further research of trade and occupational sites, skills were identified for these jobs. Some skills applied across several or all jobs; others were job-specific. A survey of major employers in the various job sectors verified these lists and ranked the desirability of previous training in the skills. Once skills were rated and selected for training, we organized them for instruction (by module and lesson).

In addition, Tencza Designs researched diagnostic tools that could provide a link between the participantsí skills, interests, and aptitudes and the appropriate course of study.† Experts in the field were consulted and recommendations made for tools which would best support the Internet curriculum.

Finally, Tencza Designs identified several hundred existing curricula aimed at the same population. A competitive analysis was completed for these programs.

Reports presented to the client provided high level overviews, detailed rationale, and appendices with all supporting information. †All this work was completed to the clientís satisfaction in less than two months.