Analysis:  Too much of it, and you’ve lost your window of opportunity. Too little, and you risk wasting time and resources on the wrong solution—or maybe even the wrong problem! In its simplest form, analysis is a series of questions intended to define the problem or opportunity and identify the best solution or approach. When the opportunity is narrowly and clearly defined, and much is known about the cost/benefit of available approaches, analysis can be a single conversation. In complex cases involving many people, a lot of money, and/or a great downside risk (e.g., financial, safety), analysis must be more rigorous.  Tencza Designs has worked on all points of this continuum, and can recommend a variety of approaches with “just enough” analysis for a sound beginning to any project.

Demonstrated competence.  To see an example of a project involving complex analysis, read this Tencza Designs Analysis Case Study.

Tencza Designs has the tools. We have experience in a wide variety of tools to complete needs analysis, job and task analysis, cost-benefit analysis, research, competitive analysis, and many other processes that fall under the umbrella of “front-end analysis.”

The tools, however, are only as effective as the facilitation and synthesis skills of the designer using them. We also have the individual and group facilitation skills to gather and synthesize information from diverse stakeholders.