Designing training that meets the needs of the customer is our core competency.† We are not technicians with expertise in only one industry or technology. We excel in producing customized just-in-time training using whatever technologies are most appropriate for any given situation.

Our clients tell us that what makes a difference is that we:

Have mastery of a variety of tools and processes, and the sense to know when to use (and not use) them
Use a rigorous instructional systems approach while using language that blends our process with that of our audience
Are good listeners and practical problem solvers

Many content areas. Tencza Designs has developed training in many content areas, including:

Customer Service aa
Leadership, Management, and Supervision
Technical Skills aa
New Employee Orientation
Sales aa
New Product/ Service Introduction
Interpersonal Skills aa
Systems Training
Engineering aa
Administrative (e.g., billing, collections)

Many Industries. Tencza Designs has developed training in a variety of industries, including:

Financial Services aa
Customer Service
Transportation and Logistics aa
Corrections/Juvenile Justice
Basic Adult Education aa
Food Services
Information Technology aa
Health Care aa
Human Services

To see the clients we have served in these industries, click on our client list:

Demonstrated competence.To see an example of an instructional design project, read this Tencza Designs Training Design Case Study.

Tencza Designs has the tools.† Good instructional design means matching the solution to the problem. We listen, then select the medium or media that best meets the opportunity at hand. Over the years, we have added new media to our toolbox, including self study, instructional videotape, web-based training, computer-based training, instructor-led training, PowerPoint presentations (delivered live or mediated through the web), and print or computer-based job aids. As new technologies become more accessible and cost-effective for our customers, we master them.† However, no medium is the answer to all problemsówe carefully consider all factors and then recommend the combination of media that will be most effective for each situation.

To see how we have used a variety of media, go to our product showcase.