How long will it take?
What processes should we use?
What client resources are required?

These are questions that a consulting firm with seventeen years of experience can answer easily. Tencza Designs can manage a wide range of training and performance improvement projects from front-end analysis through development and evaluation. We lead teams of designers, subject matter experts, technical staff and others to project completion.

Demonstrated competence.  To see an example of a project in which process design and change management were both needed, read this Tencza Designs Project Management Case Study.

We provide the documents our clients need. Our deliverables have ranged from one hour courses on limited subjects to year-long curricula for complete job training. Our support documentation ranges from a few pages of executive summary (for well defined, quick projects) to thousands of pages of analysis and design documents (for projects in which exhaustive documentation is required by regulatory agencies or for ISO 9000 certification, for example).  We are qualified and experienced to determine what level of documentation is required, and to provide it.