With over 120 performance improvement projects completed, the projects described below are just samples of the types of projects Tencza Designs has completed. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our experience in a particular industry, medium, or content area. We also have references for all our projects.

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SAP Training New Manager’s Training School 
Management Training for New Restaurant Managers    Front-end Analysis for Internet Project
Commercial Account Manager Training (for new hires) Job Training for Billing Clerks 
  The Engagement Model   Professional Certification 
Health Care Training   Other Titles 

SAP Training
Problem/Opportunity: The company was implementing an enterprise-wide software system.  Most functions were performed by small, well-defined groups of people who could most cost effectively be trained one-on-one or in groups.  However, several functions were used nearly company wide, so a training strategy was needed to efficiently train about 5,000 employees in those functions.

Solution:  Tencza Designs designed a series of training modules to be delivered via CD-ROM. This training covered processes, business rules, navigation, and screen completion for these functions, and included a post-test which asked learners to apply their knowledge. The CD-ROM, upon loading, would search the company Intranet for updates, allowing for efficient maintenance of the course.

Management Training for New Restaurant Managers                                                          
Flagstar, Inc.

  New restaurant managers completed a 13-week training program before being assigned to a store. However, operations leadership wanted them to be ready sooner, with the same skill set. In addition, the company wanted to upgrade the design and development skills of the training department, which was comprised of employees with operational expertise but no formal background in training.

Solution:  Tencza Designs was contracted to work on both problems simultaneously. Using the new manager training as a living case study, Tencza Designs led the internal staff through the systematic process of developing training. We developed a project work plan. For major activities on the work plan, we led workshops on key design skills (e.g., “how to complete a task analysis”). Then, we facilitated the training staff as they worked through the activity, providing technical assistance, coaching, and review. The result was improved skills and confidence for the training department and a new competency-based training program that reduced average training time from 13 weeks to nine weeks and improved ratings of new trainees.

Commercial Account Manager Training                                                       
(for new hires) GE capital

Problem/Opportunity:  The commercial account management group was anticipating growth that would require a significant number of new hires. They required training in both soft skills (customer service, collections) and technical skills (use of several systems).

Solution:  As part of a team of developers, Tencza Designs designed and developed one week of  the five-week curriculum—teaching new account managers how to perform the collections function. The training included information, role plays, case studies, job aids, computer simulations, and on-the-job practice. Tencza Designs completed the entire project in six weeks.

The Engagement Model
Ryder Systems

The company had a new sales strategy—a process for engaging customers—that they wanted to roll out to the sales force. The sales force was scattered across the United States, and very busy, so bringing them together for a seminar would be very expensive; in addition, it would take time to set up and schedule, and they wanted to move quickly.

Solution:  We designed and developed a web-based seminar that was implemented in a matter of weeks. The seminar included:

Pre-conference reading
Animated PowerPoint presentation delivered over the web
Simultaneous dial-in conference call for the facilitator to talk through the presentation
Co-facilitators to monitor audience mood indicators, engage participants in private chats about the material, and answer questions (either privately or posted for all to see)
Break out groups (audio only) for participants to discuss application of the concepts
On-line polling to discuss possible answers to case scenarios
“Net Replay” feature allowing other participants to view/listen to the conference at another time

Tencza Designs created all seminar materials and facilitated instructor and participant preparation for the web-based seminar, as well as post-seminar follow up. The seminar was presented to geographically dispersed participants in groups of 50 at a time. All the participants needed was an Internet connection and a separate phone line. Instructions were provided telling them how to use the technology.

Health Care Training   
Therapeutic Concepts, Inc.

Our involvement began when Cathy Tencza was asked to serve as an expert witness in a class-action lawsuit involving health management training for staff who worked in long-term care facilities for people with developmental disabilities. The training provided was found to be inadequate, and the defendants later contracted with Tencza Designs to improve its quality.

Solution: Tencza Designs worked with Therapeutic Concepts as the lead designer and project manager overseeing eight instructional designers working on fifteen training programs which were eventually used in at least five states, recognized as state-of the-art training in the field.  The training employed a variety of methods, including classroom training, instructional videotapes, labs, on-the-job coaching, comprehensive skills testing, and job aids.  The training programs developed over the course of this multi-year project included:

Challenges in Physical Management
Keeping An Eye of Health
Mealtime Challenges
First Aid
Individual Habilitation Planning
Breaking the Chain of Infection
Mealtime Tubes
Behavior Building
Tracheostomy Care Computer based instruction
Health Management for Developmental Nurses

New Manager's Training School                                                                                   
Eli Lilly

Problem/Opportunity: The company frequently promotes high achieving individual contributors with technical backgrounds to management positions. They wanted training that would help prepare them for the shift in their responsibilities.

Solution:  Tencza Designs was contracted to design and develop a one-week intensive workshop for new managers. The first step was to interview a cross-section of about 20 managers within the company to determine the management and leadership attributes most important to management success and to identify possible strategies for cultivating these attributes. Once the key attributes were determined, a course was built around them. The course contained the following strategies:

Prework including readings, self assessment, and information gathering about the manager’s direct reports, one-year plans, and upcoming business decisions (this information was used in class)
Workshops on coaching, performance improvement, planning, financial management, problem solving, and change management.
Networking events (lunches, dinners, and quasi-athletic competition)
Motivational and informational speeches on targeted subjects, given by top company executives
Team learning activities
Learning partner homework assignments
Individual reflections
Case Studies
Rewards and recognition
Videotaped case studies
Books on related topics
All leaders were coached to model the skills and attributes taught in the class
Follow up conference calls among team members to reinforce key messages


At the end of an intensive week, participants reported feeling energized and committed to practicing their new skills. Follow up (phone, e-mail) with participants and their managers indicated a greatly increased skill level—on the skills that were important to success.

Front-end Analysis for Internet Project  
Applied Technology Solutions
Our client was exploring ways to use the Internet to help adults who lacked employability because they had neither formal education nor marketable job skills. They hired Tencza Designs to do the research and analysis needed to answer these questions:  

What careers/ jobs would be appropriate for this target population?
What core academic skills are needed across all identified jobs? For specific jobs?
What core job skills are needed across all identified jobs? For specific jobs?
What diagnostics can assess the population’s academic skills, career aptitude, and career interests?
What existing curricula address these needs and how effective are they?


Using comprehensive research techniques, Tencza Designs identified a series of job tracks appropriate for the population and identified as “high need” according to national labor statistics.

Based on further research of trade and occupational sites, skills were identified for these jobs. Some skills applied across several or all jobs; others were job-specific. A survey of major employers in the various job sectors verified these lists and ranked the desirability of previous training in the skills. Once skills were rated and selected for training, we organized them for instruction (by module and lesson).

In addition, Tencza Designs researched diagnostic tools that could provide a link between the participants’ skills, interests, and aptitudes and the appropriate course of study.  Experts in the field were consulted and recommendations made for tools which would best support the Internet curriculum.

Finally, Tencza Designs identified several hundred existing curricula aimed at the same population. A competitive analysis was completed for these programs.

All this work was completed to the client’s satisfaction in less than two months.

Job Training for Billing Clerks
Ryder Systems

The company needed to organize a new shared services center with 500 mostly new employees, including mapping out jobs, providing training, and getting the center open in seven months. 

Solution: Tencza Designs led a team of people including managers, trainers, job coaches, and developers to develop complete job training for the new billing department consisting of six experienced people and 100 new hires. Over a dozen people were involved in the effort, but the Tencza Designs consultant was the only team member with any previous experience in systematic design of instruction.

The team came up with an approach for total job training that included computer-based training, on-the-job training, self-study, and classroom training for four different job areas. The training was ready on time, ran successfully through several groups of new hires, and Tencza Designs earned a bonus for on-time performance.

Professional Certification                                                     
Neurodevelopmental Treatment Assn. (NDTA)

  This professional association provides post-graduate training for certification in neurodevelopmental treatment (a type of post-brain injury therapy).  However, there was no standardization in teaching or testing among the approximately 60 independent member instructors. Because the instructors had historically enjoyed their independence, the organization struggled to find a way to standardize their courses and provide meaningful certification.

Solution:  The most important role Tencza Designs has played with this group is that of facilitator. We worked with both the entire instructor group as well as a small task force to gain consensus first on goals and then on methods. Standardization involved a significant cultural shift for the instructors, and Tencza Designs helped the organization to plan for and implement that change. Over time, the association has developed standardized objectives, curricula outlines, and testing (including multiple choice test items, work product submission and scoring, and demonstration of hands-on skills).

Other Titles                                                                                                                             
Various clients

We’ve developed many customized solutions for our clients.
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Building Better Environments Managing Resources
Buyer Qualification Managing Shop Operations
Case Management Managing the P&L
  Child Welfare Supervisors Training Meeting Management
Coaching National Rental Sales
Commercial Rental Operations I New Employee Orientation
Common Carrier Management New Manager’s Training School
Connecting Families OPTIONS training (new software)
Corrections: Outdoor Supervision Performance Management
Corrections: Transporting Inmates Planning for Profitable Growth
Customer Service Leadership Planning to Meet Organizational Requirements
Dealer Fundamentals Product Design Analysis
Detention Staff Process Training Project Management
Family-Centered Practice, Collaboration Requirements Deployment
Foundations for the Helping Profession Hiring for Long-Term Success Safety Leadership
Home Delivery Leader Self Development
How to Do On-the-job Training Service Assistant Training
How to Finance a Golf Course Stress Management
Instructional Design Guidebook Substance Abuse: A Piece of the Puzzle
Inventory Deployment Supervision Seminar
Leadership Seminar Systems Security
Logistics Foundations Training for New Meter Readers
Management Training Winning Customers Back